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Our bearing products are carefully designed to allow you to choose the right solution for your needs at any time and to keep your facilities running at a high level of performance.

  • Metallurgical industry


    There is a wide range of metallurgical equipment, not only for the raw material plant, but also for...

  • Industrial pumps


    The pump industry includes slurry pumps, clear water pumps, submersible pumps,pipeline pumps etc..

  • Industrial drives


    The use of gear units, which amplify small rotary forces and also make low-speed rotation faster...

  • Port Machinery


    Port large lifting equipment, including shore container cranes, gantry cranes, gantry cranes, etc...

  • Wind power


    The wind industry is under immense pressure to reduce maintenance costs and save money per...

  • Automotive industry


    The automotive industry is changing dramatically, driven by environmental awareness and stringent emissions...

  • Construction machinery


    Construction machinery is mostly active in mountainous and desert areas, far from ordinary human life...

  • Air & Space


    A wide range of aerospace solutions including bearings, seals and other precision resilient equipment...

  • Mining industry


    The mining, mineral processing and cement production industries face some of the harsher...

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