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Linqing Jinma Bearing Factory is a sub-brand of Linqing Xingma Bearing Co., Ltd, with a wide range of products, complete models, standardized production process, multi-channel quality control standards, the company to "industrial technology services" for the development purpose, to provide customers in all regions of the country with technology + quality of a full set of bearing application solutions.

Jinma bearings to "brand internationalization, industrial technology, management modernization, market globalization" as the development direction, standing in the forefront of the industry vision, continuous innovation, Jinma bearings served by the industry covers construction machinery, ports, mining, metallurgy, shipping, logistics, beverage, plastics, chemical and other fields, business scope throughout the country provinces and cities.

Brand Philosophy

  • Application analysis

    A thorough understanding of the difficulties in the drive train to help customers avoid potential problems in the operation of their equipment

  • Lubrication analysis

    The correct choice of lubricant type will ensure that the components work in a better lubricated state and improve their stability

  • Technology applications

    The use of new material technology makes the bearings more suitable for harsher and more demanding working conditions

  • Tailor-made

    Tailor-made complete mechanical units, including bearings, which guarantee a precise fit and increase assembly efficiency

High standard quality requirements 

Production real-time data monitoring management process, on-site resource tracking, efficient and fine processing process, strict control of product quality, after multiple quality inspection procedures to provide you with high quality mechanical parts, professional standard production process requirements, with professional technical research and development team, to provide customers with professional bearing products, and can be customized products according to customer needs.

We provide efficient and economical technical solutions for a number of well-known brand companies to provide bearing technology and non-standard solutions, and can be tailored to your different needs for your exclusive bearing products professional solutions, so that your products are better use, the industry senior professional team, the whole process to provide professional technical support.

Efficient solutions

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