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Manifestations of rolling bearing loads and failures

Rolling bearing load characteristics

1, for the rotating circle and rolling body through the bearing area of each point when the contact load and stress is changing; and in each contact point contact load and stress is pulsating cycle characteristics; in the non-bearing area is not subject to load;;

2, for the fixed ring at each point of the load and stress is not equal, and in each bearing point when the load is carried contact load and stress are the same pulsating cycle characteristics, but the amplitude of the value of different;;

The lower end of which is loaded at the maximum value is, for deep groove ball bearings (6 types): F0 = (4.37/Z) Fr.

Rolling bearing failure form

1, for normal operation of the bearing (10 r/min <n <nlim) - inside and outside the ring and rolling body fatigue pitting;

2, for stationary or low speed (n ≤ 10 r/min) or intermittent swing bearing - inside and outside the ring and rolling body of plastic deformation;

3、Innevitable frictional wear of the inner and outer rings and rolling bodies;

Design guidelines for rolling bearings

1, for bearings in normal operation - to prevent fatigue pitting, life calculation based on fatigue strength calculation;

2, for low-speed bearings, or bearings subject to continuous load or subject to intermittent load without rotation, the requirement to control plastic deformation, - for static strength calculations;

3, for high-speed running bearings - in addition to life calculation, but also to verify the bearing limit speed.

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