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Components of rolling bearings and the role of each part

Rolling bearings are composed of four parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and cage. Usually, the outer ring of the rolling bearing is installed in the housing hole fixed, the inner ring is installed on the shaft with the shaft rotation, and the rolling body is rolling between the inner and outer ring raceway, the formation of rolling friction.

1、Outside ring

Outer ring usually and bearing seat or mechanical shell hole to form a transition fit, play a supporting role.

2、Inner ring

The inner ring usually fits closely with the shaft, and runs with the shaft.

3、Rolling body

Rolling body (steel ball, roller or needle) in the bearing is usually evenly arranged with the help of the keep frame between the two rings for rolling movement, its shape, size and number directly affect the bearing load capacity and use performance.

4、Keep frame

Keep frame in addition to the rolling body evenly apart, but also to guide the rolling body rotation and improve the bearing internal lubrication performance and other roles.

Keep frame can be divided into five types, are: wave type keep frame, crown type keep frame, E type keep frame, entity keep frame, chrysanthemum type keep frame.

5、Dustproof cover and sealing ring

Rolling bearing composition in addition to the four main components, some bearings also need dust cover or seal.

The role of the dust cover is to keep the external dust from invading the bearing.

Removable dust caps - commonly known as "live caps"

Non-removable dust cover - commonly known as "dead cover" "fixed cover"

The role of the seal is to prevent the external oil, water, media intrusion into the bearing.

Contact seals

Non-contact seals

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