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What are the causes of roller bearing cage breakage

Cause bearing cage breakage reasons are:

1, bearing lubrication is not enough lubricating oil or grease finished, did not add maintenance in time, lubricating oil or grease with the wrong mark.

2, bearing impact load impact load in the intense vibration generated rolling body to keep frame impact.

3, the cleanliness of the bearing bearing in the bearing box sealing is not good, there is dust into, aggravate the rolling body and keep frame friction, so that the keep frame damage. 

4, installation problems bearing installation is not correct, in the installation of the damage to the cage. 

5, bearing creep phenomenon creep mostly refers to the sliding phenomenon of the collar, in the case of insufficient interference with the surface, due to sliding and load point to the surrounding direction, resulting in the collar relative to the shaft or shell to the circumferential direction position deviation phenomenon. 6, bearing keep frame abnormal load installation is not in place, tilt, interference is too large, etc. easy to cause clearance reduction, intensify friction heat, surface softening, premature abnormal spalling, with the expansion of spalling, spalling. With the expansion of the spalling, spalling foreign body into the keep frame pocket hole, resulting in the keep frame running block and generate additional load, intensify the wear of the keep frame, so the deterioration of the cycle of action, it may cause the keep frame fracture.

7, bearing cage material defects cracks, large foreign metal inclusions, shrinkage, bubbles and riveting defects lack of nails, pad nails or two halves of the cage combined surface gap, serious riveting injuries may cause cage fracture.

8 bearing hard foreign body invasion of foreign hard foreign body or other impurities something invasion, intensify the wear of the cage, for all the above reasons to solve, bearing life will certainly be long, many bearing damage is not the bearing itself life to, but a lot of external environment caused by, such as insufficient lubrication, dust into, installation error, too much load, high temperature, coupling is not right, etc..

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